About Kiser's Barbeque

Established in 2009, Kiser's Barbeque can be found nestled in the beautiful, sprawling green hills of Athens, Ohio. Family owned and family operated, Kiser's Barbeque is committed to authentic low and slow pit-smoked barbeque. Our homemade family recipes have been tested and refined and now are passed on to you, our honorary family member to enjoy and celebrate.

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We Cater!

We can put together a simple meal for a few guests, or, if you're planning a larger event, provide full scale service that includes our "mobile" smoker, set-up, and tended by our BBQ specialists. It's BBQ at its finest and delivered to your door.

More About Kiser’s Catering

Family Thursday

Join us every week for Family Thursdays! Kids 12 and under eat free with a purchase of any adult entree. (4 PM - 9 PM)

Kid's Games and Activities!!!

Specials and Discounts

Text “Kisers” to 66856 for the latest deals

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